Batch Tank Lids & Stands

Batch Tanks are offered with a variety of stand and lid options.  Both a polyethylene and metal stand are available for the Cone Bottom versions of the Batch Tanks.  A polyethylene adaptor is offered to convert the polyethylene stand for use with a Vertical style Batch Tank.  The Open Top line comes standard with a bolt-on lid, however, a hinged lid is also available.  The hinged lid allows a flat spot for mounting and the hinges can be removed to leave half of the tank uncovered.

Part No. Description Weight Dimensions
19502 23″ Hinged Lid 8  
19505 36″ Hinged Lid 14  
OC023-STP 23″ Poly Cone Bottom Stand 45  
19506 23″ Poly Vertical Stand Adaptor 7  
OC036-STP 36″ Poly Cone Bottom Stand 92  
19507 36″ Poly Vertical Stand Adaptor 15  
CB023-15ST 23″ Metal Stand 37 20 x 20 x 24
CB036-15ST 36″ Metal Stand 84  
Part No. Description Weight Dimensions