Flush Pans

Flush Pans

Sowjoy Flush Pans are made from High Density polyethylene.  This non-porous material is easy to clean, does not promote the growth of bacteria, and unlike concrete, will not retain moisture thus allowing better humidity control.  Individual units maximize efficiency in management of farrowing and nursery operations.  Its design helps to insulate small pigs from cold floors.  No special construction is required for installation, making it ready for use on existing flat floor facilities.

Contour design allows for thorough cleaning

Flush Pans 2016
Corrosion-free PVC slide valve

Expertly molded for uniform wall thickness throughout the entire pan

View technical drawings by clicking on the part number below.

Part No. Description
SJ10230 5 x 7 Flush Pan
SJFPS001 Flush Pan Support Frame
SJ10035 PVC Slide Valve
Part No. Description