Metal Fabrication
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Metal Fabrication

Den Hartog Industries’ history stems from the metal fabrication business. Operating under the name “Sowjoy,” the metal fabrication division has long been associated with offering quality products at an affordable price. The Sowjoy name is linked to our ability to help you design any type of hog confinement operation: Breeding, Gestation, Grower, Finishing, Farrowing, and Nursery, but our capabilities don’t stop there. Custom metal fabrication is not limited to the agricultural industry. We can help you design a custom metal part for any application or industry. New powder coating facilities allow us to provide an excellent finish on all your parts.  Den Hartog Industries’ custom metal fabrication division can deliver the custom project you are looking for.

1-Design and Engineering

At the beginning of the project, DHI will make sure we understand your needs and can make suggestions to develop the strongest, most economical, and most practical solution. Quotes will be turned around in the time frame you expect.

2-Tool & Die Construction

DHI is able to provide economical tooling services for both cast aluminum and stainless steel construction. Your approved design can be fabricated by our experienced, industry-leading team of mold fabricators.

3-Custom Capabilities

• CNC machining in ferrous, non-ferrous and specialty metals
• Shearing & sawing
• Piercing including punching and drilling
• Shape cutting, including our high-definition plasma cutting table and laser
• Forming
• Welding

4-Secondary Operations

• Painting: including dip, e-coat and powder coating
• Assembly
• Packaging

5-Strong Reputation

The Metal Fabrication Division already supports great brand-name products under the Sowjoy and Ace Roto-Mold brand names. DHI will carry that same standard of excellence into your custom project.

6-Multiple Process Capabilities

With rotational, injection, and blow-molding production facilities on site, DHI has the experience to combine plastic and metal into your custom project.

7-Quality Assurance

DHI will provide full Quality Assurance services to meet your specific standards. Process and testing results are documented.


Rely on DHI to provide transportation using our custom fleet of 18 trucks. We’ll also work with the carrier of your choice. Our scheduling and logistics staff will effectively plan and manage your shipments.