Accessory Parts


DHI spinwelds feature a hex driving recess to ease installation.  This driving recess makes the installation tools universal and easy to construct.  These spinwelds also feature a specially designed conical welding surface that helps to center the spinweld and increases the surface welding area.

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*Black part numbers are listed.
*Call for quote on custom colors.

Part No. Description
10237 3/8″ Threaded Plug
10041 3/8″ Threaded Spinweld
12104 3/4″ Patch (9/16″ Hex Drive)
10008 1″ Patch (3/4″ Hex Drive)
12429 1 1/2″ Patch (3/4″ Hex Drive)
10441 2″ Patch (3/4″ Hex Drive)
Part No. Description