Flower Pots & Planters
Attractive, Durable, Lightweight, Affordable

  • TRI-POTS are the perfect choice to enhance any landscape or decorator design.
  • TRI-POTS were designed and developed to offer a lightweight, attractive, durable, and affordable alternative to heavy concrete or wood planters.
  • TRI-POTS are constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene for extra strength, yet lightweight for easy handling and shipping.
  • TRI-POTS are the fade-resistant indoor/outdoor planter for patios, terraces, entrances, all around the home, office, or commercial facilities.

TRI-POTS are available in four standard colors:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Terra Cotta (clay color)
  • Concrete

TRI-POTS can be special-ordered in custom colors. They easily stack inside each other for shipping and storage.