General Information

Product Application Guidelines

General Information

This page provides general information on the Ace polyethylene tanks.  Contact Sales Support to find a distributor near you.

Pricing and Terms

Terms: Standard payment terms are 2%/10 days, net 30 days. Financial charges (1-1/2% per month/18% APR) are applied to late payments.

Price: Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Sales Tax: All domestic applicable state and local taxes will be added to your invoice unless a certificate of sales tax exemption is provided in advance to Den Hartog Industries, Inc.

Product Performance

Chemical Compatibility: Always verify your chemical compatibility with tanks, fittings, and gaskets. Consult your chemical manufacturer regarding applications.

Volume/Size Disclaimer: Volume and unit measurements are subject to variances due to thermal expansion and contraction and general molding tolerances.

Shipping and Transportation

Freight: FOB factory, Hospers IA. Special freight arrangements and billing are available. Truckloads are the most economical freight arrangements. The Den Hartog Industries, Inc. truck fleet is also available for economical freight arrangements.

Shipping charges:

Common and/or Contract Carriers –

Prepaid: We will request freight quotes and also dispatch the carrier. The customer will be billed the quoted shipping rate plus a small administration markup (5-10%).

Collect or 3rd Party Billing: Customers request collect or 3rd party billing. We cannot request rate quotes, as the freight companies will not release rates. We will call the carrier to dispatch for load pick-up. The freight company will bill the proper party (not Den Hartog Industries, Inc.).

UPS/Fed Ex/Speedee – Quotes are based upon published rates and priced at the time of shipment. Oversized charges may apply. Items not boxed will require additional packaging and handling charges as applied by the carrier.

Den Hartog Trucking – Upon availability, the Den Hartog Industries, Inc. fleet of trucks is the most economical way to ship full truckloads. Customers are billed on a per mile basis and fuel surcharges, oversize charges, and tolls or other road use charges may also apply.

Package & Handling charges:

Any individually shipped product that requires protective packaging (cardboard or shrink-wrap) will be assessed a minimum charge of $2.00 per item. There will be an additional charge of $.02/gallon for items with capacity over 100 gallons.

Floats – Additional loading and handling charge of $1.00 per float.

Pallet charges – $5.00 per pallet

Other Freight Policies:

Insured Freight: Insured shipments must be arranged and are billable to the customer.

Drop Ship Charges: Den Hartog Transportation: $50 per drop location.

Other carriers: Quotes upon request

Oversize Charges: Den Hartog Transportation: additional cost per mile.

Other carriers: Quotes upon request

Fuel Surcharges: Carriers may attach an additional charge for fuel costs.

NOTE: Upon delivery, any quantity discrepancies or shipping damage should be noted on the packing slip prior to signing for the shipment.

Load Planning

Customers see a definite advantage when products can be shipped via Den Hartog’s trucks. To maximize this advantage and reduce costs for both the company and the customer, we plan shipping based on full truckloads. General knowledge of load limitations can be used by the customer when ordering to save on shipping costs.

In general, 20,000 gallons of product fills a tank truck, while 16,000 gallons fills van trailers. Here are some examples of other full truckloads:

2  12,500-gallon tanks fill a lowboy trailer, with room to spare for some smaller tanks

3   10,500-gallon tanks fill a lowboy trailer, with room to spare for some smaller tanks

3   7800-gallon tanks fill a lowboy, with room to spare for some smaller tanks

4   7000-gallon tanks fill a lowboy, with room to spare for some smaller tanks

3   6000-gallon tanks fill a flatbed, with room to spare for some smaller tanks

4   5000-gallon tanks fill a flatbed

4   4200-gallon tanks fill a flatbed, with room to spare for some smaller tanks

5   4000-gallon tanks fill a lowboy, with room to spare for some smaller tanks

6   3000-gallon tanks fill a flatbed

6  2500-gallon tanks fill a flatbed

7  2000-gallon tanks fill a flatbed

13 1300-1650 gallon tanks fill a flatbed

Returned Goods Policies & Warranties

Prior authorization is required for any product returns. Please contact a Den Hartog Industries, Inc. representative within 30 days for details and instructions for making warranty claims for returned goods authorizations. An RGA number will be issued. Also, freight arrangements and other instructions will be provided. Product shipped back to DHI freight collect without prior authorization will NOT be accepted.

Returned goods are approved upon review if the cause is for a material or manufacturing defect, or a warranty claim. Account credits will be issued after the products are inspected and account adjustments are authorized. Unauthorized debits on account payments will not be allowed. Unless an approved credit memo has been issued by Den Hartog Industries, Inc., all unauthorized debits will be considered short payment and will be subject to finance charges as unpaid balances.

Den Hartog Industries, Inc. does not authorize labor or handling charges for warranty or returned goods. Den Hartog’s credit policy applies only to the product itself. Pre-existing contractual supplier agreements will be honored.

The text of Den Hartog Industries, Inc.’s limited warranty and disclaimer on Ace Roto-Mold products appears on the following pages. Note that the general warranty period is 36 months for most poly tanks. However, the warranty for poly livestock tanks is limited to 24 months. Please read the warranty and disclaimer for all details.

Contact Sales Support at Den Hartog Industries, Inc.
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