Den Hartog Industries

Den Hartog Industries offers services from conception and design through production, customer service, quality assurance, and delivery for the agricultural, industrial, OEM, and marine industries. Known for its spirit of innovation, focus on the customer, and product quality that exceeds industry standards and expectations, Den Hartog Industries can provide products for all your plastic and metal manufacturing needs.


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Our Divisions

Ace Roto-Mold Rotational Molding
Ace Roto-Mold, a division of Den Hartog Industries, is well known for quality tanks and accessories that fit a variety of industrial and agricultural containment needs.
Injection Molding
The Injection Molding division of Den Hartog Industries provides injection-molded parts to meet the needs of a variety of industries, from medical and agricultural to OEM’s.

Blow Molding
Den Hartog Industries’ newest plastic manufacturing process uses Blow Molding to produce high-volume proprietary and custom parts.

Sowjoy – Hog Facility Equipment
Sowjoy specializes in hog gate manufacturing and is recognized throughout the Midwest for delivering unmatched quality and value.

Our Popular Brands