Blow Molding


Den Hartog Industries’ newest plastic manufacturing process uses Blow Molding to produce high-volume proprietary and custom parts. Den Hartog Industries currently blow-molds spot sprayer tanks designed for residential, industrial or agricultural chemical applications. Ace Dock Accessories offers a line of blow-molded dock cushions that provide quality boat protection at an extra-value price. Your custom projects can take advantage of the quality and detail provided by the blow-molding process.

Blow Molded Spot Sprayers

Blow Molded Spot Sprayer tanks are designed for residential, industrial or agricultural chemical applications.  Fifteen gallon and twenty-five gallon models are available in yellow or natural colors. Orders for blow molded spot sprayers must be in pallet quantities.

Blow Molded Dock Cushions

Ace Dock Accessories is proud to offer new blow-molded cushions that provide exceptional value for customers by offering high-quality white or black dock cushions at a competitive price.

Blow Molded Floats

Den Hartog Industries is proud to announce the addition of two blow-molded float drums to its line of Ace Float Drums.  Customers will enjoy these sturdy, long-lasting floats that are environmentally friendly and made with tough virgin polyetheylene with ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent sun damage.

Custom Blow Molding

Blow Molding offers the advantage of producing large volumes of high quality products at a reasonable cost.