Tank Selection and Application Guidelines

Product Application Guidelines

This page will assist you in selecting the proper tank for your application.  Please complete all of the steps listed and refer to the links as suggested, then contact Sales Support to find a distributor near you.


Identify the chemical(s) to be stored in the tanks. Be certain to obtain a Certificate of Composition, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or other data from the chemical supplier so that the actual chemical compounds can be identified to properly evaluate the effect of the chemical on polyethylene storage containers. See Materials Information for additional material information.


Review the Chemical Resistance Data Chart. This will determine if the chemical to be stored is compatible with polyethylene. Be certain to consider the temperature limitations for your application.


Select the necessary tank size and accessories according to your capacity needs, available space, use/application and whether the tank is to be transported.  The Liquid Storage and Containment category details the available styles.   Be certain that you check the dimensional tolerances specified for the tank you select and that the installation allows for these tolerances. For close tolerance installations it is recommended that you measure the actual tank to be used or that you verify dimensional values with the factory before construction.

NOTE: Fittings are installed to a standard size and location as indicated in the product catalog and online listings.  If factory fittings are not required, this should be indicated on your order (e.g., “Send fittings loose.”)  If you request fittings to be installed that are not the standard size, that should be indicated on your order (e.g., “Install 3 inch fittings.”) If standard locations are not acceptable or to insure proper placement of fittings, locate the tank diagram for the tank style to be ordered on our Accessories Placement Diagram page. Specify each fitting location on the diagram according to the instructions provided. It is important to include these diagrams with your faxed order to insure that the fittings are installed to your specifications.


Review the Handling, Installation and Use Guidelines


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