16″ Dump Valve Sump on 2350, 2750 & 3250 Flat Bottom Leg Tanks


Den Hartog Industries is pleased to introduce another option to our always expanding Free Standing Leg Tank product line.  Our current 2350, 2750 & 3250 Gallon Flat Bottom Leg Tanks will now also be available with a 16″ x 16″ sump on one end.  This style of sump is often referred to as a Dump Valve Sump as it facilitates the installation of valves that quickly empty tanks in specialized applications.


  • Four poly baffles included for fluid control
  • Furnished with a 16″ vented lid assembly is standard
  • Siphon tube and a 2″ FPT heavy-duty polypropylene fitting with Santoprene gasket are standard
  • Gallon indicators on one side and one end of the tank
  • Four hoop recessed facilitate anchoring
  • Designed for the containment of chemicals with a specific gravity of 1.7 or lower.

With the popularity of these tanks, we are continuing to produce parts from all of our molds.  Be sure to note if you specifically require the dump valve option or if you specifically require the 12″ option.

Visit our Free Standing Leg Tanks without sump page to view product specifications.  You may also be interested in the sumped versions of these tanks.