3″ Bulkhead Fitting Assembly


3" Bulkhead Fitting Assembly

Den Hartog Industries is proud to annouce our new injection-molded bulkhead fitting assembly. After extensive testing and research we are confident this fitting exceeds requirements for it’s suggested applications.  This assembly consists of a fitting body, fitting nut, bearing washer and sealing gasket.

Specifications and Features:

– Retainer ring incorporated into the fitting body that prevents the gasket from moving away from the fitting under torque

– External threads are left hand pitch to prevent loosening when mating fittings are installed

Gasket Retainer Ring

– Internal threads are 3″ FPT (tapered female pipe threads), and are provided in both directions so that mating fittings may be installed on the inside or outside of the installed fitting.

– Fitting requires a 4 1/2″ diameter hole for installation

– Color of all assembly parts is black


– Fitting body, fitting nut and fitting bearing washer are constructed out of 20% glass filled Polypropylene.

– Gasket constructed out of Santoprene thermoplastic rubber (TPE)


In Ace Roto-Mold tanks, when a 3″ fitting upgrade is requested this new Ace bulkhead will be installed instead of the Banjo fitting previously used.

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