DHI Honored By Holland FFA


Honorary Chapter FFA placques presented to DHI President and Sowjoy General Manager

Den Hartog Industries, Inc. was recognized at the March 31 Holland FFA banquet held at the MOC-FV High School. DHI was acknowledged for the years of support to the Holland FFA chapter. DHI President John G Den Hartog and Sowjoy Division General Manager Dave Mars were presented plaques to commemorate the honor.

For over the past twenty years steel has been provided for FFA members to use to perfect their welding techniques. Just recently Den Hartog Industries powder-coated multiple welding booths for the FFA facility.

The FFA itself is involved in many community outreach programs. For example: recently they hosted a donkey basketball tournament, with all proceeds going towards individuals driving to and from Rochester for medical treatment.

Den Hartog Industries, Inc. is a 30-year old company with over 315 employees at its 365,000 square foot Hospers facilities. DHI is a vertically integrated company with nationwide distribution of products manufactured by its Ace Roto-Mold, Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Sowjoy divisions.

John G Den Hartog (DHI President & CEO – right) and Dave Mars (General Manager, Sojow Division – left) showcasetheir Honorary Chapter FFA plaques. Representing the FFA is David Cleveringa (Chapter Vice President – center).