FM1310-62 NEW Product Release


 New Product Release FM1310-62

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Tank is a freestanding elliptical tank with legs for indoor or outdoor, stationary or transportable applications.

Three hoop recesses are provided around the tank to facilitate anchoring.

Gallon indicators are included on one side and end of the tank.

The tank features a full drain-out sump

option to center or on one end.  Poly baffles are included for fluid control.

Tank is designed for the containment of all chemicals rated for contact with polyethylene.

Tank must be installed with 3 hoops securely anchored to the tank base or stand.

Standard weight tank is designed for chemicals with a specific gravity of 1.7. FDA compliant materials are available.

Tank is manufactured from high- density polyethylene with U.V. stabilizers.

Standard color is White, Yellow or Black.

Furnished with a 16″ vented lid assembly as standard equipment.

Furnished with a 2″ FPT heavy-duty polypropylene fitting with Santoprene gasket and siphon tube as standard equipment.


Dimensions:  69″ wide x 114″ long x 74″ tall with stand

Weight of tank and baffles is 450 lbs.

Weight of hoop kit option is 80 lbs.

Skid option SKO/SKCO/SKEO weight is 450 lbs.