New 40 & 60 Gallon Blow Molded Applicator Tanks


New 40 & 60 Gallon Blow-Molded Applicator Tanks

Den Hartog Industries is proud to announce two new elliptical applicator tanks designed with injection-molded leg inserts that allow the tanks to be anchored for transportable applications of lawn and garden chemical products.


Tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. stabilizers and are available in white and yellow.

Each tanks comes standard with a 5″ vented lid and lanyard assembly, outlet cap, tether and gasket.

U.S. gallon and metric indicators for liquid level viewing

Molded-in stacking lugs for shipping and storage.

Furnished with six each 10-24 brass inserts for pump and accessory clip mounting.

Mounting surfaces for your logo.

Lanyard anchor tab secured 5″ vented lid.

Channel sump promotes fluid drain-out.

Designed for chemicals with a specific gravity of 1.70.  Consult DHI Application Guidelines for chemical compatibility.

See all of our blow molded tanks spot sprayer and applicator tanks on the “Blow Molded Spot Sprayer Tanks” page of the website.


Furnished with one 3/4-11.5 threaded outlet drain and cap on one end and a 3/4-11.5 utility port on one side opposite the wand clip mounting inserts.

Port to be drilled open by the customer.

Consult factory for optional locations for utility side port.

One end of the tank features sump flat that will accept up to a 1/2″ bulkhead fitting.


Tanks ship on plastic pallets and are available at this time in pallet quantities only.  A deposit for returnable pallets will be charged.

40 gallon tanks = 10/pallet

60 gallon tanks = 8/pallet

One truckload = 34 pallets