New 5″ Threaded Lid with 2-way Step Vent


Den Hartog Industries is proud to announce the newest addition to our line of Accessories, Lids and Fittings with a new 5″ threaded lid.  6″ R.H. Buttress-style threads and a stepped vent allow air exchange in or out of the tank that this lid is installed on.

Our innovative step vent prevents the tank contents from sloshing out.  The Lid and Step Vent are produced from injection-molded polypropylene and are black in color.  The vent is sonic welded to the inside of the lid.  The Step Vent is preferred by customers who bottom-fill their tanks.

This lid does not interchange with competitive 5″ threaded lids.

Information regarding our commercial floats can be found in the  “Lids” category of the “Accessory Parts” section of the website.