New 8000 Gallon Vertical Tank


New 8000 Gallon Vertical Tanks (top and side views)

Den Hartog Industries is proud to announce the newest addition to our vertical tank line.

This tank features a domed top for added strength with four tie-down lugs to facilitate anchoring.

This large 8000 gallon vertical tank can be used as secondary containment as well as primary storage.  The 10’ diameter by 15’ height tank was designed with a special seam at the top of tank that can be cut off and then bolted back on. This works great for putting another tank inside, such as our 5150 gallon vertical tank.  Or put this 8000-gallon tank inside the 10,500 gallon Vertical tank for larger applications.

This tank comes with a 2” heavy-duty bulkhead fitting, or a 3” heavy-duty fitting is available at no extra charge. The 16” vented lid assembly is standard, and a 22” lid is available as an option. The standard weight tank is rated for chemical up to 1.7 specific gravity.

A full listing of all Vertical Tanks and the available PDF prints can be found in the  “Vertical Tanks” category of the “Liquid Storage & Containment” section of the website.