New AQUIFER Low Profile Cistern Tanks


Den Hartog Industries is excited to introduce our new Aquifer, Low Profile Cistern Tanks!  This new family contains 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 gallon low profile cistern tanks designed for below and above ground applications.  The Aquifer Low Profile Cistern Tanks are designed to provide a safe and durable means for the storage of potable or non-potable water.  Their sectional ribbing design will sustain vertical soil pressures of up to 400 PSF.  Tanks can be buried up to 28″ deep and can be backfilled empty.  Multiple fitting locations are provided to accommodate a variety of plumbing configurations.  Fitting flats on each end and one side of the tank will accept up to 4″ fittings.

Aquifer Low Profile Cistern Tanks

– Tanks available with Ground Access Assembly or Burial Lid options.

– Aquifers can be stacked for shipping and storage

– Manufactured from FDA compliant resins and high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors.

– Designed for the containment of liquids with a specific gravity of 1.7 or lower.

Visit the Aquifer Low Profile Cistern Tanks page to view details, product specifications and additional information.  You may also like to visit our Cistern Tanks sections to view other storage options.