New Space Saver Pick-up Tanks!! 200, 300, & 400 Gallons


Den Hartog Industries, Inc. is proud to introduce a new design to our pickup tank line. This new tank is a space saver style pickup tank for indoor or outdoor, stationary or transportable applications. Tank fits pickup truck beds with a minimum of 29” of length (front to back), 48” between wheel wells and 60” between bed rails. Tank features wheel well recesses on each side. Tank top features ribs and inserts on each side to facilitate a metal support structure for engine driven pump and hose reel assemblies. Tank bottom must be fully supported.

• Furnished with a 12” vented lid assembly and lanyard as standard equipment
• Tank manufactured from high density polyethylene with U.V. stabilizers.
• Standard color is natural white. Consult the factory for optional colors
• Gallon indicators are included on one end of the tank.
• Consult factory regarding optional fitting sizes, locations, materials, and gaskets
• Designed for the containment of all chemicals rated for contact with polyethylene. Standard weight tank is designed for chemicals with a specific gravity of 1.70. Consult the factory regarding weights for higher specific gravities. Consult the
Application Guideline Manual for known compatible chemicals and service temperatures. FDA compliant materials are
available. Check vehicle load capacity recommendations or ratings from vehicle manufacturer before installing this tank.

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