New Spherical Pump & Cistern Tanks


New 525 gallon Cistern and 500 gallon Pump Tanks

Den Hartog Industries is proud to announce our newest addition to our Septic and Cistern tank line.


Single compartment tanks are designed for sustained external pressures of up to 500 PSF.

Tanks can be fully emptied while buried underground.

Tanks and access covers are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. stabilizers.

Tank access cover gaskets are manufactured from extruded Nitrile rubber.

Tanks are furnished with 24″ diameter double-walled access covers.

Covers interlock with tank body using three bayonet keys.

Covers are capable of being secured into place withnylon wire tie and do not require metal fasteners for retention.

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Cistern Features:

Product is designed to collect and store potable water providing the tank is handled, installed, used and maintained in observance with all county, state and federal codes.

-Dimensions 63″ x 74″, weight 194 lbs.

-Tank is furnished with fitting flats designed to accept a variety of bulkehad fittings.

-Tanks and access cover are produced from an FDA approved natural resin.

Pump Tank Features:

Product is designed as a storage tank for wastewater generated by homes or businesses when properly installed in accordance with applicable county, state and federal codes.

-Dimensions 63″ x 74″, weight 197 lbs.

-Two access openings sealed to the tanks with rubber gaskets.

-Elevated pump mount for use as a pump tank.

-Tank inlet and outlet gaskets are manufactured from vulcanized rubber.

-Optional PVC plumbing kit available.

-Furnished with inlet and outlet designed to accept either 4″ Schedule 40 PVC pipe or 4″ Sanitary PVC pipe.

-Inlet and outlet features vulcanized rubber gaskets for sealing. Specify gasket size upon order.