Product Change Notification — PN 15082 & 15083


16″ Black Colored Lids  – Product Change Notification


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16″ Black colored lids 15082 & 15083 are replacing BLUE colored lids 14761 & 14762.




Designed to be a direct replacement for the DHI non-hinged threaded lid as well as current competitive 16″ lids.

Manufactured from No Break Polypropylene resin.

Available in both vented and non-vented configurations.

Vented lids offer equivalent air flow of a 4″ fitting.

Complete with O-rings and gaskets to prevent spills during transport, etc. O-rings are manufactured from Buna-N Rubber.

Maximum sustained internal pressure of 1/2 PSI.

Gravity float to reduce fluid leakage in event of roll overs.

Lid engagement is bayonet style with only 1/8 turn to close.

A provision for securing the lid with a lock or hitch pin is provided.


Shipping  weight of Lid assembly is 5.5 lbs.

Lid body and hinge arm are black in color.