6″ Threaded Cap Product Release


6″ Threaded Cap Release

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Available with no top port or single 2-2.5″ modified buttress threads or single 2″ NPS threads in top port.

Rated for maximum internal pressure of 15 PSI.


Applications requiring pressure leak or pressure loss testing such as that required for UN compliance.

UN regulated tanks, totes and IBC products.


Furnished with a gasket.


Santoprene grade 55 durometer gasket is standard (black in color).

Viton 75-80 gasket is optional (brown in color).


Manufactured from HDPE:


Resin meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1520, ASTM D4976 – PE 233 and UL94HB specifications.


Maximum torque for tightening is 75 ft. lbs. (note: pressure rating and tightening torque specification is dependent upon mating male thread fit up and quality).